Demand-Controlled Exhaust Systems for Boiler and Water Heaters

Modulating Combustion Air Supply System
from Enervex®

The MCAS, Modulating Combustion Air Supply SystemTM is a demand-controlled combustion or make-up air supply system designed to provide the exact amount of combustion air for mechanical room/laundry rooms. The system senses when no appliances are running and operates at a very low speed, maintaining neutral pressure in the room.


Precise Supply of Make-up Air. Traditional make-up air systems rely on gravity to supply outside air, regardless of how many appliances are running at any given time. With a demand-controlled make-up air supply, the system senses when no appliances are a low fire, high fire, or not running maintaining pressure in the room.

Aesthetics. Today's buildings are designed to be functional and attractive. The ENERVEX MCAS system elimiminates the need for large outside gravity louvers or intakes.

Benefits of installing a MCAS system include:

  • Extremely low noise level
  • Priority Operation Function and Bearing Cycle Activation
  • Interlocks 6 appliances (standard) or as many as necessary with add-on boards
  • Easy programming of essential functions (80 parameters are programmable for customized solutions)
  • Spark-resistant construction with TEFC-motor with direct drive and true variable speed (inverter duty)
  • Listed to UL1995, Standard for Safety Heating and Cooling Equipment and CSA C22.2, No. 236-97
  • Maintenance free and service-friendly design

  • MCAS - System & Components for MCAS 315-500

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