Chimney & Gas Flue Venting Solutions

Since 1944, Van-Packer has been a leader in the chimney field. Over the years Van-Packer has steadily increased its product line to include chimneys to handle applications in all aspects of the commercial and industrial fields. The Van-Packer product line ranges from a small diameter single wall steel to refractory lined UL Listed product through larger diameter engineered freestanding and guyed stacks with linings designed to handle specific operating conditions.

BALNES Corporation & Van-Packer's Technical Service Staff can assist you with:

  • Complete chimney system design
  • Chimey / flue sizing
  • Thermal analysis
  • Corrison analysis
  • Freestanding stack designs

  • Chimney and Exhaust Systems - (click here for model comparison chart)

    Model CS
       UL listed (UL 1738) Double-wall positive pressure, condensing flue (special gas vent)

    Model DW and DWplus
       UL listed (UL 103) Double-wall positive pressure, non-condensing flue for heating appliances, generator exhaust, gas turbine exhaust, oven / smoker / roaster exhaust, and grease ducts.

    Model GZ
       UL listed (UL 2221 & UL 1978) Two-Hour Fire Rated Zero Clearance Grease Duct

    Model SW
       Single-wall positive pressure flue

    Model HT and Model ES
       Refractory lined chimney flue

    Model EC
       Engineered chimney designs

    Questions about venting a boiler, water heater, coffee roaster, or other gas appliance? Question about generator exhaust or zero inch clearance grease duct?

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